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According to statistics, Chile's wine exports have increased

author:Firwood    Release time:2020-01-02 14:55     Browse times :

       Chile's bottled wine exports have soared since February 2019, with China and the United States being the traditional markets for Chilean imports, according to the Chilean Wine Association.

           According to the data, Chile's bottled wine export in February increased by 6.11% year on year, and the export volume increased by 10.69% year on year. At the same time, the price of each box of bottled wine increased to US $29.89, a year-on-year increase of 4.31%, higher than last year's average level (US $28 per box), which is in line with Chile's "2025 strategy", which focuses on improving the demand, competitiveness and price of Chilean wine abroad.

          As far as the market is concerned, China is the primary destination of Chile's bottled wine export, with an export volume of US $16.9 million, followed by the United States and the United Kingdom, with an export volume of US $11.7 million and US $11.6 million respectively.


  At the same time, Denmark and South Korea grew the fastest. Chile's bottled wine exports to Denmark increased by 61.1% year-on-year, while exports to South Korea increased by 92.48%, 54.13% and 48.95% respectively.

          In addition, the Chilean Wine Association said: in the past 12 months, Chile's bottled wine exports performed well, with a total export volume of US $1623.5 million, an increase of 5.96% year on year, and the export volume of 57.6 million cases, an increase of 4.7%.
         Mario Pablo Silva, President of the Wine Association, said: "we are optimistic that our activities in the new year will focus on the promotion and image building of Chilean wine."
         There are natural reasons why Chilean wine is becoming more and more popular. Chile is known as the "winemaker's paradise". It is a country with a long and narrow terrain and a large latitude. In addition to the unique Humboldt ocean current from the Pacific Ocean and the regulation of two strands of cold air from the Andes, due to the influence of topography and microclimate, the grape wine in the coastal area and the middle area is deeper in color, richer in taste and lower in acidity than that in the Andes. With multiple climates and even close to perfect terroir, its wine has unique flavor brought by superior geographical location.


             Chile is "the old world in the new world", especially Moley Valley in the Central Valley of Chile has the oldest traditional wine making technology, and fir international Chile winery is located here. The diversity of local conditions and nearly perfect grape planting conditions make the wine feel excellent, which is one of the main reasons why fir international wine is popular and recognized by everyone. Fir international winery It is the best choice for franchising agents to realize global direct sourcing and reduce the purchasing cost of agents!
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