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Why should there be some space at the mouth of a wine bottle

author:Firwood    Release time:2020-01-02 14:55     Browse times :

       I believe you will notice when you buy red wine, from cork to wine space in the bottle, this part of wine free area is the position of air in the bottle, which is usually called "shortage". The shortage is determined by the volume of the bottle and the measured volume of the liquor. According to the measurement requirements stipulated by the state, the measurement volume of liquor is fixed. For packages with an average capacity of more than 500ml, there is only a negative deviation of 2% under the condition of ensuring that the average capacity meets the packaging requirements. Therefore, the shortage in wine bottles is basically certain. First of all, it can cope with the change of liquor volume caused by the change of environment during storage. Secondly, it can ensure that there is a trace of air in the bottle, make the liquor contact with the trace of air, which is conducive to the maturity of the liquor. For wine collectors or enthusiasts, shortage is an important indicator. The smaller the shortage, the less air, the longer the wine can be preserved.

        The shortage of wine in storage period is related to the ambient temperature and age. The lower the temperature is, the larger the shortage will be. The longer the wine age is, the larger the shortage will be.


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