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How to choose a suitable bottle opener?

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      How to choose a suitable bottle opener for red wine?

      Bottle opener is a tool for drinking red wine, and the process of opening wine is also part of the experience of red wine
      1. Waiter type
      Also known as the seahorse type, it is usually composed of a wine knife, a spiral drill and a corking bracket. The usage is to drill the screw bit into the wine plug, place the plug bracket at the edge of the bottleneck, and pull out the wine plug step by step. It's easy to carry.
     2, type T
     It consists of a handle and a screw drill. Hold the handle and screw the screw drill into the plug, then swing the handle to pull out the plug. But it is easy to break the cork and contaminate the liquor.
     3. Rabbit ear type
    Clamp the rabbit ear handle to the bottleneck, quickly press down the pressure bar to make the auger quickly enter the cork, and then pull back the pressure bar to release the cork. Simple operation, but high price.
    4. Double arm lever type
    Also known as "butterfly type", it is composed of arm and spiral drill. Drill the drill into the cork, and its arms will rise up. When the drill reaches the end, just press the arms, and the cork will be pulled out.
   5. Barometric type
   It's similar to a basketball inflator. Insert the needle in the air compressor into the wine bottle from the cork, protect the bottle mouth with the plastic protective cover, and then move the needle up and down to inject the air into the bottle until the cork slides out of the bottle mouth.