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The main function of sobering up?

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Main functions of wine
Sobering up can remove the sediment in the wine, and its main function is to make the aged wine fully contact with the air. In the process of sobering up, it can release some unpleasant mixed taste or peculiar smell (dead yeast taste, rotten egg taste), soften the tannins in the wine, make the wine more energetic, more complex and mellow.
After the liquor is fully exposed to oxygen, its floral and fruity fragrance gradually exudes, and some more subtle flavors can be developed.
White wine, which is mainly fresh and fruity, with few years old, and table wine do not need to sober up.
The bottle of sweet white wine and expensive rotten wine should be opened one hour before drinking. It is not necessary to pour it into the wine awaking device, and the bottle body should be ventilated.
Red wine with less than mature tannins is heavier. Pour into the decanter and wake up for 1-2 hours.
Pour the freshly matured red wine into the decanter for half an hour.
Old wine has no strength to wake us up again. Change bottles to drink directly.
Generally speaking, the cheaper the price, the less need to sober up, but these Regulations are not, and we need to discuss them in detail.


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