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Firwood international winery 2018 Zongmu red wine new produc

author:Firwood    Release time:2020-01-02 14:56     Browse times :

       Warm congratulations to firwood international winery on the success of the 2018 Zongmu new wine market appraisal meeting. On December 12, 2018, fir wood group held a grand listing appraisal meeting in jinzhongtai winery at two o'clock in the afternoon. Director Li, former deputy director of Jiaonan Municipal People's Congress, delivered a speech. Mr. Bi Tao, chairman and President of the group made an important speech. Mr. Robert Saville, chief winemaker of fir wood International (Chile), Mr. Zhu Bingjie, general manager of firwood international winery in Greater China, and Mr. Du Zhaohui, manager of China Mr. Wang presided over the whole process of wine tasting and explanation of brand, quality, technology and culture.

       Mr. Wang, sales director of the company, planned and implemented the whole event. The meeting reached a climax in the process of payment and order, and more than 100 dealers participated in the meeting enthusiastically evaluated and paid for orders.

       Through this appraisal, we have a deeper understanding of firwood red wine, and we are confident that fir wood international will take the road of "leading brand of international red wine". Everyone praises the big market of fir wood red wine.





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