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Do you make money as a general agent of red wine?

author:Firwood    Release time:2020-01-02 14:56     Browse times :

       Do you want to be the general agent of red wine to make money? Now the development of red wine industry is booming, there are more people who want to invest, and whether to make money is a problem that all investors will pay attention to. How to make money? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!


  Generally speaking, it is very profitable to be the general agent of red wine. At present, the consumption of red wine has changed from the former government units and white-collar workers to ordinary consumers, and more and more occasions can see the figure of red wine. Now the red wine industry is developing well before, and it is worth investing. But if you want to do well and earn more money, you need to do the following:

          Do you make money as a general agent of red wine
         1. Provide high quality red wine to target customers. At present, Chinese consumers are maturing and the price is becoming more transparent. In the future, imported red wine with high quality and low price will surely be recognized by the market.
         2. Need to understand customer preferences. At present, most of the customers who consume imported red wine in China like the red wine with strong aroma and simple import. It is suggested that the general agent of red wine should choose the south, and the red wine produced in the grape producing areas with low latitude and hot climate will be favored by customers.
         3. Provide customers with more valuable services. At present, the main problem that the general agent of red wine is facing in China is the serious homogenization of products, and they are dividing up the market with price advantage. Our general agent of red wine should provide more value to customers in the peripheral and extension parts (service and experience of products), instead of focusing on the core (function) of red wine.

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